The Sophia of Jesus (The Wisdom of Jesus)

This lost Gospel manuscript from the Nag Hammadi collection was found buried in the Egyptian desert in 1945. It has been titled, "The Sophia of Jesus Christ" as well as "The Wisdom of Jesus Christ." A later manuscript of this lost Gospel was also found buried in Akhmim, Egypt and included in the Berlin Codex. This manuscript contains elements of Jesus' teachings not found in the four Gospels. It is thought to have been written in the First or Second Century.

The Sophia of Jesus Christ

1. After he rose from the dead body, his twelve disciples and seven women continued to follow him. They traveled to Galilee and to the mountain referred to as Devotion and Joy. After gathering together they debated about the nature of the material world and its arrangement; and the spiritual path, the power of the demigods, and all the confidential guidance the Savior had provided.

2. The Savior appeared not in his earlier form, but in the ethereal spirit. His appearance was like a beautiful illuminated angel. But I cannot properly describe his appearance. No material body could bear this – only the purified spiritual body – just as he taught us about from Galilee to the mount referred to as ‘the olives.’

3. Then he said, “Peace be to you – I give you my peace.” Then they were all astonished and afraid. The Savior laughed and told them, “What were you thinking? Are you confused? What do you seek?”

4. Philip said, “About the nature of the material world and the purpose.”

5. The Savior told them, “Understand that every person born into the material world from the beginning until now has been covered by matter. They may have sought God – who He is and what He is like – but could not find Him.

6. “Now the wisest of them have speculated about the arrangement of the material world and how it moves. But their speculation cannot find the Truth.

7. “The various philosophers suggest that there are three possible managing arrangements, but they don’t agree. Some of them say the material world is self-managed. Others say the material world is managed by providence. Still others, that it is fate. Again, none these three teachings I have just described approach the Truth. They come from mortality.

8. “Yet I am here, and I come from the Eternal Illuminator. Because I know Him, I can tell you about the exact nature of the Truth. For whatever comes from selfishness is polluted: It is self-centered. There is no wisdom within providence. And fate does not discriminate.

9. “You are given the ability to understand, and those worthy of wisdom will receive it. But not one who is born from the planting of unclean chafe – rather by the First Messenger – for he is spiritual in the midst of mortals.”

10. Matthew said to him, “Master, one cannot discover Truth except through you. Therefore, teach us the Truth.”

11. The Savior said, “Yahweh is transcendental. He is known by no principal – not by authority or indenture. Nor by any person from the beginning of the world until the present – except He alone – and anyone to whom He wishes to reveal Himself through the eternal effulgence.

12. “I now deliver to you His opulence, because He is transcendental and limitless. Thus He is eternal and unborn – for anyone who is born will die. He is unborn and has no beginning – because anyone with a beginning has an end. Since no one has authority over Him, He accounts to no one – because one who accounts to another is the creation of another.

13. “He is unaccountable. His form is not mortal – because the mortal form is the creation of another.

14. “So He has an exclusive appearance: Nothing like you have seen and conceived – but a divine appearance that exceeds all things and transcends the universe. It sees everywhere and is reflected by only itself. For He is eternal. He is always unknowable. He is imperishable and cannot be compared. He is enduring goodness. He is flawless. He is everlasting. He is exalted. He is unknown but always knows Himself. He is unfathomable. He is unforeseeable. He is perfect – without flaw. He is inexhaustibly divine. He is called the Creator of the Universe.”

15. Philip asked, “Master, how then is He revealed to the perfect ones?”

16. The perfect Savior answered him, “Before anything visible to them becomes manifest, the majesty and the sanctuary are within Him. He envelopes the entire creation and nothing envelopes Him, He is completely spiritual. So He is wise, understanding, reflective, rational and powerful. These are similar potencies – they are the sources of the cosmic manifestation. And their entire progression from beginning to end came with His foresight – the Eternal Unborn Creator.”

17. Thomas asked him, “Master, Savior, why did this all come about and why were they manifested?”

18. The perfect Savior replied, “I have come from the Eternal in order to tell you everything. The Great Spirit was the Creator, with the power of creating and designing form and structure. This allowed the treasure hidden within Him to be manifested.

19. “Because of His mercy and His love, He wanted to bear fruit from Himself – so He would not be alone in His opulence. Thus, other spirits from the transcendental generation could manifest body and seed, glory and honor, with immortality within His infinite grace.

20. “His treasure was thus manifested by the Unborn Original Person – the Creator of all things everlasting and that which was manifested afterward. But they hadn’t yet become manifest. So there was a big divergence among the immortals.”

21. He exclaimed, “One who has ears to hear about the immortals should listen!” and, “I am addressing those who are enlightened.”

22. Then he continued, saying, “Everything that comes from the mortal will perish, because it came from the perishable. But that which comes from the Eternal never perishes, but becomes indestructible. Many people have become lost because they didn’t know this divergence, and they perished.”

23. Mary asked him, “Master, how then can we understand this?”

24. The perfect Savior replied, “Arise from the unseen to the margins of those that are seen, and the emergence of wisdom will reveal to you that trusting in that which is unseen is found among those who are seen – those who belong to the Unborn Creator.”

25. “One who has ears to hear should listen! The Lord of the Universe is not only the Creator – but also Progenator – the Origin of all that appears. Thus, He is the Ancestor without beginning.

26. “Envisioning one’s self within oneself reflected, one appears in His likeness. But His appearance is manifest as the Holy Creator – the Advocate of the devoted ones – the Primal, Unborn Creator. Indeed, the Effulgence emanating from Him is equivalent but it doesn’t equal Him in potency.

27. “Then later manifested the great multitude of devoted immortal beings, of the same heritage and power, having limitless devotion. This society is referred to as the culture over whom there is no authority. These are the beings from whom you yourselves have become manifest.

28. “That entire multitude over which there is no authority is referred to as ‘Servants of the Unborn Creator – God.’ Then there is the Savior, the Servant of God, who has appeared before you.

29. “So He is the mystery, complete in His eternal glory and spiritual joy. They all take refuge in Him – always rejoicing in spiritual joy. In His eternal glory and boundless happiness. This has not been heard or understood within all the universes and their worlds until this time.”

30. Matthew asked him, “Master, Savior, how was humanity manifested?”

31. The perfect Savior replied, “Please understand that He was eternally manifest prior to the universe – the Unborn Creator, complete within Himself. When He, Effulgent and Spiritual, chose to expand His appearance, immediately the Effulgent Source manifested as the immortal spiritual being. This immortal spiritual being, subject to the deficiency of illusion, may attain salvation and wake from forgetfulness through the messenger – who will be with you until the end of the hardship of thieves.

32. “His consort is the Great Sophia initially had the purpose of relationship with the unborn Creator. This is manifested by the spiritual being - initially manifested with divine authority from the Creator – who is called ‘Supreme Being.’

33. “Then He created a great realm for His majesty – which is referred to as ‘Eightfold.’ He rendered great authority and He orchestrated the creation of hardship. He created gods, angels and archangels – too many to count in procession – through the Effulgence and threefold Spirit that abides with Sophia, His consort. Due to this, from the Supreme Being came holiness and refuge. Therefore, He has been referred to as the ‘God of gods’ and the ‘King of kings.’

34. “Initially, the human is a spiritual being, within. Then the mind –and speculation, reflection, rationalization and potency. All these characteristics began as pure and spiritual. With regard to immortality, they are similar. With regard to potency, they are distinctive, like the difference between father and son – and the mind and the consequences of thinking.

35. “As I said before, among what was created, the spiritual being was first. Then after all this, everything that came to be manifested through His potency. From this was created the manifestation of design. From the design, form became manifest. From form, designation became manifest. This is when the distinction arose between the spiritual beings from start to finish.”

36. Then Bartholomew asked him, “How is humanity and the Servant of Humanity described in the teachings? Which of them relates to the Devoted?”

37. His Holiness replied, “You should know that the Original Person is referred to as Creator and Perfect Soul. Through His relationship with His holy consort, Sophia, He created His first-born spiritual child. His dominant reference is the first-begotten of the Original Cause. The subordinate element is first-born Sophia, Universal Mother. Some call her Love.

38. “Now the first-born is the Anointed of God [Messiah, Christ]. Because he was given authority from his Creator, he created a multitude of countless angels that proceeded from the Spiritual Effulgence."

39. His disciples said to him, “Master, tell us about the one referred to as human – so we can understand perfectly His glory.”

40. The perfect Savior replied, “One who has ears should listen. The first begotten being of the Creator is referred to as ‘Adam – appearing from the effulgence’ – because he arose from the brilliant effulgence and His holy angels, who are immortal, enlightened and always joyful in their devotion – which they inherited from the Creator.

41. “The entire sanctuary of the Servant of Humanity – who is called ‘Servant of God’ – is complete with immortality, pure joy and eternal bliss, rejoicing His eternal glory – has not been heard until now. Nor will it be revealed during the lifetimes and universes that come after. I was sent by the Original Person and the Primary Eternal Effulgence in order to reveal all this to you.”

42. Once more his disciples asked, “Tell us with clarity how they descended from the unseen – from the spiritual world to the world of death?”

43. The perfect Savior replied, “The Servant of Humanity consulted with His consort Sophia, and a great spiritual effulgence was manifested. His dominant reference is described as ‘Savior - Creator of Everything.’ His subordinate reference is described as ‘Mother Sophia.’ Some refer to her as ‘Faith.’

44. “Everyone coming into the material world are like drops of light sent by Him to the world. This is from the Almighty - so that He may provide them with protection. But he is shackled by the bonds of his forgetfulness by the will of Sophia. Due to his arrogance, blindness and ignorance, he was called to matter – the world of hardship.

45. “Yet I have come from the places above by the will of the Supreme Effulgence – having escaped that shackle. I have interfered with the work of the thieves. I have awakened that drop that was sent from Sophia, so that it might bear much fruit through me – and become perfect and never again be flawed.

46. “Yet this happens through me – the great deliverer – so that His mercy may be revealed. This allows Sophia to eradicate that flaw, enabling her children to never again become defective – but rather, achieve dignity and the esteem to approach their Creator and understand the doctrine of the dominant Effulgence.

47. “Then you were dispatched by the Servant, who was sent in order for you to receive Light, and dismiss yourselves from the ignorance of the authorities. And thus the defiled caressing coming from the dreadful fire, which comes from their body, may never again materialize because of you. Stomp upon their wicked purpose.”

48. Then Thomas asked him, “Master, Savior, how many universes are there above the skies?”

49. The perfect Savior replied, “I thank you all, because you ask about the supreme universes – because your foundations come from the eternal. So when those that I have described earlier were manifested, the Original Creator promptly created twelve universes for the procession of the twelve angels. All these were perfect and pleasing. Then the flaw in the subordinate developed.”

50. They asked him, “How many universes of the spiritual beings are there, starting from the eternal ones?”

51. The perfect Savior replied, “One who has ears should listen. The first realm is that of the Servant of Humanity, referred to as initially created and savior – having been manifested. The second universe is that of humanity –referred as Adam, eye of the Effulgence.

52. “What envelops these is the greatest realm – of the Imperishable Eternal Supreme Being – the original realm of the realms within in – the realms of the spiritual beings that I described earlier. These were manifested above the seventh realm by Sophia in the beginning.
53. “Then the spiritual beings manifested universes and powers and authority, and gave potency to those who manifested within them. Thus they could exercise their desires until they finally rise above the lawlessness. Because they agreed amongst each other and created every luxury – even compared to the spirit – exceedingly multifaceted countless illumination.

54. “These were referred to in the beginning, in the first universe, as united and peaceful. Each one has its reference, because the universe was designed to be an assembly of large populations that arose – by one in particular where the population became manifest. Then because the populations combined and unified, we refer to them as the assembly of the eightfold.

55. “This manifest as spiritual and was partly dominant and partly subordinate. The dominant is referred to as the assembly while the subordinate is referred to as soul. This is so that it can be seen that from the subordinate manifested the soul of all the universes. And every reference was stated, starting from the beginning.

56. “Because from the concurrence of His plan came authorities referred to as gods, and from their intelligence the gods of the gods manifested gods. And from their intelligence manifested masters of masters, and from their minds manifested masters. And from the powers of the masters manifested archangels, and from their words angels were manifested. From these, the material elements became manifest, with structure and form, and reference to all the universes and their worlds.

57. “And the immortals that I just described all gain their authority from the Eternal Being – who is referred to as indescribable, because without description, everything was emanated perfectly by His majesty. And once the immortals had the authority, each created a sanctuary by the will of the universal Mother.”

58. Then the holy messengers asked him, “Master, Savior, tell us about those who are in the spiritual realms – because we feel the need to ask about them.”

59. The perfect Savior replied, “Whatever you ask, I will explain to you. They manifested countless multitudes of angels – for procession and their majesty. They created heavenly pure spirits and all-pervading effulgence. Because they suffer no sickness or weakness, there is purpose. And they were created in an instant.

60. “As such the spiritual realms were finished immediately in the heavens and the firmaments – by the majesty of the Supreme Being and Sophia, His consort. The region from which every spiritual realm and material world and those that manifested afterward received design for their creation from the facsimile of the universes of discord and the worlds within them.

61. “So all attributes – beginning with the discovery of discord – lie within the effulgence that shines with no obscurity, a joy that cannot be described, and unspeakable bliss. They are eternally blissful due to their eternal majesty and limitless tranquility, which can’t be described among all the universes and their powers that manifested after.

62. “So I have just described everything to you so that you might shine abundantly with the Effulgence.”

63. Mary asked him, “Holy Master, where did your disciples come from and where are they going – and what are they to do here?”

64. The perfect Savior told them, “Please know that Sophia, universal Mother and the consort, wished to create without her Beloved. Yet by the will of the Creator of the universe, to manifest His unfathomable grace, He created a veil between the immortals and those who were manifest afterward, allowing for consequences to follow [within] every universe in discord, so that the flaw of the subordinate manifested to bring about that deficit that challenges her. And these became the spiritual veil. As I have described, from the realms above came emanations of the Effulgence – a drop from the Effulgent Spirit fell down to the lower realms of the Almighty with discord – so their material forms were manifest from that drop, according to His judgment upon them.

65. “The opposer is referred to as Yaldabaoth. That drop manifested their material forms through the breath – the living soul. It was degraded and slept within the forgetfulness of the soul. When it was sparked by the Great Effulgence of the Supreme Being it achieved mind. And names were received by all who existed within the world of discord. Yet all that is within it were manifest through the Eternal One – as the breath blew through Him.

66. “Yet this happened through the will of Mother Sophia – in order for the Eternal Being to piece together the covering in judgment of the thieves. Receiving the blowing of the breath, he won’t be able to gain the power for himself until the full extent of the discord is concluded – and the time determined by the Great Angel has been concluded.

67. “So I have taught you about the Eternal Person and have loosened the shackles of the thieves. I have broken through the gates of the pitiful ones in their presence. I have humbled their wicked purpose and all of them have been humbled, and have awakened from their forgetfulness.

68. “This is the reason for my coming here – in order to join together the Spirit and the breath. Thus the two may become united, just as they were in the beginning, so that you might yield much fruit and go up to Him – the Original Cause – with the eternal bliss, majesty, esteem and grace from the Creator of the Universe.

69. “Therefore, one who perceives the Creator with perfect understanding will go to the Creator and rest with the Unborn Creator. But one who perceives Him in error will go towards that error and rest within the eightfold.

70. “So one who confidentially knows the Eternal Effulgent Spirit through the reflection and understanding of the Truth – let him deliver to me the signs of the Unseen One, and he will become illuminated by the Indescribable Spirit.

71. “One who knows the Servant of Humanity with understanding and love, let him bring me a sign of the Servant of Humanity so that he may depart to the sanctuaries with those of the eighth.

72. “Look, I have revealed to you the Name of the Perfect One, the complete purpose of the Mother of the Holy Angels, so the people here may become complete. And so they may rise to the spiritual realms – the eternal ones and those that arose within the unending treasure of the Unseen Supreme Spirit so they might receive His mercy. Even their peaceful treasure has no authority over this.

73. “I came from the Original Messenger so that I might reveal to you the Original Cause, because of the arrogance of the Creator’s opposer and his messengers - as they claim to be gods.

74. “So I came to remove their blindness in order to teach everyone about the Supreme Being – who dwells outside of this world. Therefore you can trample on their graves, humble their wicked intentions and destroy their shelter while you awaken mine. I have given you authority over everything as Servants of the Illuminated, so that you can trample their power under your feet.”

75. This is what the blessed Savior spoke. Then he disappeared from them. All the disciples experienced magnificent spiritual joy and bliss from that time forward. Then his disciples began preaching the Gospel of God – the Eternal Supreme Spirit. Amen.

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