Gospel of Philip

The Gospel of Philip is a lost Gospel found with the ancient Nag Hammadi collection. It was found in 1945 in the desert of Egypt. It is believed to have been first written in the late First Century. 

Nag Hammadi Gospel of Philip

The Gospel of Philip

1. A follower can convert someone to become a follower, and they will refer to him as a novice. But a novice cannot make another novice. They cannot make others like themselves. They are accepted by others as they are.

2. The servant may seek to be freed, but doesn’t seek the estate of his master. The follower will not only be devoted, but receives to himself the inheritance of the Creator.

3. Those who are ready to accept those who are dead are themselves dead – as they are accepting the dead. Those who are ready to accept the Living One are themselves alive and they are ready to accept the Living One along with those who are dead. Those who are dead are not ready to accept anything. How can the dead accept anything? If one who is dead accepts the Living One, he will not die – rather, the dead will live again.

4. A materialistic person does not die, because he was never living in order to die. One who trusts in the Truth will live – and he is in danger of dying. He was alive since the time that the Anointed of God [Messiah, Christ] appeared.

5. Those who created the material world – who constructed the cities: They carry the dead forward.

6. Once we became devoted we became orphans, having only our spirit. But for followers of the Anointed One [Messiah, Christ], the Creator will come to our spirit for us.

7. Those who plant in the winter will harvest in the summer. The winter is the material world, the summer is the other realm. Let us plant in the material world so that we will harvest in the summer. Through this, it is fitting for us not to not have to pray in the winter. What emerges from the winter is the summer. If one simply harvests in the winter, he will not just harvest, but he will uproot, as this kind will not produce fruit. Not only will it not bloom in the winter, but in the next Sabbath his field will also be fruitless.

8. The Anointed of God [Messiah, Christ] appeared. Indeed, some he redeems. Others he saves; and yet for others he forgives. Those who were lost he redeemed – he embraced them. And he saved those who approached him. These he put as initiates of His will. When he appeared he not only assigned the soul as he wished: He assigned the soul from the beginning of the world. When he first wanted to fetch it – it was put among the initiates. It appeared among the thieves and they grabbed it. Yet he rescued it and he forgave both the good and the wicked in the material world.

9. Light and darkness, life and death, right and left – these are brothers to each other. It is not possible for them to be separated from each other. Therefore, goodness is not good, nor is the wicked evil, nor is life living, nor is death dead. Thus, the individual soul will be reconciled to the beginning of his origin. Those who are exalted above the material world are immortal and exist in eternity.

10. The names given by materialists cause great confusion. For their hearts have turned away from reality to illusion. And when they hear God, they don’t consider reality, but rather, illusion. This also goes for references to the Creator and the Servant and the Holy Spirit and Life and the Light and the Resurrection and the Assembly of others: They don’t consider reality, but rather, illusion. Furthermore, they have learned about the reality of death. They are in the material world. If they were in the eternal world, they wouldn’t have assigned anything as materialistically wicked. Nor would they have be put into materialistic activities. Their destiny is within the eternal world.

11. One single Name do they not speak of in the material world: The Name the Creator gave to Himself through the Devoted Servant – he exalts the Name of the Creator above all that exists. The Devoted Servant does not become the Creator even though the Name of the Creator is given to him. This Name is present for them. However, due to their influence they do not speak of it. Those who don’t want it don’t have to think about it. But from the Truth was born some names in the material world because of this. It is not possible to learn without names.

12. The One is the Truth alone. From this comes the multitudes and with regard to us – who teach this in detail with the love of many others.

13. The overseers wish to deceive humans because they saw that they are related to those who are good and belong to Truth. They took the name of those who are good and gave it to those who were not good, so that through these names they will have deceived him: And they bound him to those who are not good. Then afterwards, whenever they have mercy on them, they cause them to withdraw from those who are not good to them and they put them with those who are good, as they recognized themselves. Had they wished for them to be free, they would keep him to themselves as a servant of life. There are some powers entrusted to those who are human. They don’t want him to recognize this, so they can become masters over him. For where there is humankind, there is servitude.

14. Sacrifices were made, and wild animals were offered up to the powers. They were still living when they offered them up to them. They died when they offered them up to them. The human was dead when he was offered up to God – then he lived.

15. Before the Anointed of God [Messiah, Christ] appeared, there was no bread in the material world as there is in the spiritual realm – the place where Adam was. It had many plants as food for the wild animals, but it had no wheat to feed humanity. The human was thus nourished like the wild animals. But the Anointed of God [Messiah, Christ] was sent – the perfect person. He brought bread from the spiritual realm so that humans could be nourished with the food of humanity.

16. The overseers thought they were acting by their own power and authority. Instead, the Holy Spirit was secretly empowering everything to take place through them in the manner that pleases Him.

17. They plant the Truth in every place from the beginning and many will see it as they plant it – but few who see it will reap it.

18. Some say that Mary conceived by means of the Holy Spirit. But they are confused about what they say, and they don’t know. When has ever a female conceived by the means of a female? Mary is a virgin whom no power has defiled. She is esteemed among the sacraments of the Hebrew messengers, and their messengers. Whomever of the powers defiles this virgin is defiling themselves. And the Master was not going to say ‘my Creator in heaven’ as if he needed another creator – so he simply said, ‘my Creator.’

19. The Master said to the disciples: “Yes, come into the Creator’s House. Do not take or likewise remove anything from the Creator’s House.”

20. The name of Jesus is a personal name. The Anointed of God [Messiah, Christ] is outwardly revealed. Because of this, indeed, Jesus is not a part of any language, yet his name is Jesus because this is how they call upon him. Yet the name of the Anointed of God [Messiah, Christ] is Messiah in Aramaic, yet in Ionian still it is the Anointed of God [Messiah, Christ]. The conclusion is that others will have it according to the language of the One – the One within their hearts. The Nazarene is revealed confidentially.

21. The Anointed of God [Messiah, Christ] is with every being – whether human or angel or sacrament – and the Creator.

22. Those who say that the Master died first and then rose – they are confused. He rose first and [the body] died. When someone achieves the resurrection, strictly speaking, he does not die. He lives with God – and thus will not die.

23. No one hides a valuable thing within something noticeable. But often times, countless things will be put within a pittance. This is the nature of the soul – something valuable has been placed within a shameful body.

24. Some are afraid of the resurrection because they will be laid bare. Because of this, they want to rise in the flesh. And they don’t realize that those who wear the flesh are they who have been laid bare. Those who become illuminated by laying themselves bare – they are not left bare.

25. Flesh and blood cannot inherit the Sanctuary of God. What is it that cannot inherit – that which is upon all of us? But rather, that which can be inherited belongs to Jesus – with his very substance. Through this he said that one who doesn’t consume my substance and drink my essence doesn’t have life within his heart. What is his substance? It is the Teachings. And his essence is the Holy Spirit. He who receives these will have food, drink and clothing. I rebuke those others who say that it shall not resurrect. Whatever they say, both are in error who are saying these. The flesh shall not rise. So I will respect you when you say this: The spirit is within the flesh and another Light is in the flesh. Saying otherwise about the flesh is to say that you are not speaking outside of the flesh. It is necessary to rise from the flesh – everything that exists within its heart.

26. In this material world, those who clothe themselves within garments are superior to the garments. In the Sanctuary of the spiritual realm, the garments are superior to those who have been clothed with water and fire – with which they purify the entire environment.

27. Those who are revealed through those who reveal are hidden through those who hide. There are also some who are hidden by those who reveal.

28. There is water within water. There is fire within an Anointing of God.

29. Jesus took them all by surprise. He didn’t reveal himself to others completely, but rather, he revealed himself in the manner in which they could see him from within their hearts. When they are ready to die, he revealed himself to them. He revealed his magnificence to those who are magnificent. He revealed himself to the humble as humble. He revealed himself as an angel to angels, and to humanity as a human. Because of this, his teachings hid him from everyone. Indeed, some did see him – they were thinking they were seeing themselves. But he did reveal himself to his disciples in his glory up on the mountain – and he was not humbled. He was magnificent and he made his disciples magnificent, so they could be allowed to be able to see him in his glory.

30. He said on that day of the Eucharist: “Oh you have united the Perfect Light with the Holy Spirit – our angels united with the Appearances.”

31. Do not ignore the lamb – for without him it is not possible to see the gateway. No one will be able to continue in to the King if they are laid bare.

32. The devoted of the Supreme Being outnumber those of the material world. If the children of Adam are numerous, even though indeed they will die, how much more are the devoted of the Perfect Person – these will not die, but rather are eternally born.

33. The Creator creates the devoted servant, but the servant cannot create the servant. For him who is begotten, it is not possible to beget – but rather, the devoted servant begets brothers for himself, not servants.

34. Those who have begotten them within the material world will beget them by means of material nature, and the remainder by means of the spirit. Those who have been born in His heart will call out to humanity so that they may become nourished with respect to the objectives of the spiritual realm.

35. Mercy comes from His lips – the place where the Teachings come forth. Nourishment comes from these lips, allowing one to become perfect. The perfect ones are conceived with a kiss and are begotten. Through this we can receive this kiss and receive the conception from the mercy that is within us all.

36. Three Marys accompanied the Master at all times – his mother, his sister and Magdalene – the one they call his partner. Thus Mary is the name of his sister and his mother and his mate.

37. The Creator and the Devoted Servant each refer to individuals. The Holy Spirit refers to duality. They are existing in every place – in the realm of the heavens and on the earth. And they are hidden within those who become revealed. The Holy Spirit is revealed. They are below and above – and hidden within. The Holy Spirit is revealed outwardly: She is in the material world, in the spiritual sky and hidden within.

38. The holy ones are served by the powers of oppression. They are blinded through the Holy Spirit so that they will think they are actually serving a human when they are acting for those who are holy. Because of this, one of his disciples made a request of the Master one day about something belonging to the material world. He said to him, “Ask your mother and she will give to you what belongs to others.”

39. The messengers said to the disciples: “May our offering contain wisdom.” Without it no offering is acceptable.

40. But wisdom is barren without the child – because of this they call her mother. They have wisdom from within the Holy Spirit – the Mother of Truth who has innumerable children.

41. Just as one belongs to another, the child belongs to the Creator. As long as the child remains immature, what is his will not be entrusted to him. But when he matures, his Creator will give him everything that belongs to all of them.

42. Those the Spirit has created who stray will also stray through Him. Therefore, through the same breath, fire blazes and is extinguished.

43. Wisdom is one thing and death is another. Wisdom that is simply dead wisdom is but the wisdom of the dead. This wisdom of the dead is derived from associating with the dead – it is referred to as minor wisdom.

44. There are some animals that are submissive to humans, such as the calf, or the donkey and some others like this. There are others that are not submissive. They are alone in the wild. The human plows the field with animals that are submissive, and as such, with the animals he feeds himself: Whether they are submissive or not. This is the same way with the Perfect Person: Using the powers of submissiveness, he plows, providing life for all existence. Because of this, the entire universe is maintained – whether they are good or wicked, right or left. The Holy Spirit makes His pastures and maintains command of all powers – those who are submissive and those who are rebellious – and those who are alone. Truly, for He maintains time to confine them within the abilities of their desires.

45. They formed Adam and his form could breed but you won’t find his sons well bred. If they didn’t form him but rather they created him, you would have found that his seed was well-bred. Now even though they formed him, he did breed. What kind of good breeding is this?

46. First the adultery occurred, then after that the murder. Then did they did create him from the adultery – he was the son of the serpent. Thus he became a murderer like his other father, and he killed his brother. Yet mating that occurs among those who are not mutual is adultery.

47. The Supreme Being is a colorist. Just as good colors are true, one is referenced by the colors of their heart. This is the same for those who are colored by God. Because his colors are spiritual, they do not come forth from him as material. Yet the Supreme Being will immerse those he wants to baptize with an inundation of water.

48. It is impossible to see anything among the eternal unless one has become like those who are there. Not so with the human in the material world. One sees the sun but is not composed of the sun. One sees the sky with the earth with all the things in them – but he is not composed of these. This is the same for truth, however. When you perceive anything belonging to a place you become those who are there. When you perceive the Spirit, you become spirit. When you see the Anointed of God [Messiah, Christ], you become anointed. When you see the Creator you become created. Through this, in the material world, indeed you see everything but you don’t see your self. But you see yourself in the place for which you see – for this shall you become.

49. Faith receives the love it gives. No one will be able to receive without trust. No one will be able to give without love. Due to this, we shall receive what we believe, so that we can give out of our love. Otherwise, if one gives without love, there will be no benefit to those to whom it has been given.

50. One who has not accepted the LORD still may continue as a Hebrew.

51. The Messengers who preceded us called him Jesus the Nazarene the Messiah, which is Jesus the Nazarene the Anointed of God [Messiah, Christ]. The final reference is the Anointed of God [Messiah, Christ], the first is Jesus and the middle is the Nazarene. The Anointed of God [Messiah, Christ] has a double reference – both to the Anointed and Him who is measured. Jesus in Hebrew is the atonement. Nazara is the truth. The Nazarene is therefore the true. The Anointed One is measured – the Nazarene with Jesus – these are measured.

52. If one casts a pearl to the mud on the ground it does not become more despised. Neither will it become more valued if they anoint it with balsam. Rather, it has the value of its owner at all times. This is the way of the Devoted Servants of the Supreme Being. Whatever happens to them, within their hearts they remain devoted to the Creator.

53. If you say that, ‘I am a Hebrew’ no one will be moved. If you say, ‘I am a Roman’ no one will be disturbed. If you say, ‘I am a Hellene, a barbarian, a slave, a freeman,’ no one will be troubled. But if you say, ‘I am a follower of the Anointed of God [Messiah, Christ],’ one will pay attention. Should it happen that I accept him in this way, the material world cannot withstand it if they hear this Name.

54. A god is a consumer of humans. Thus, some have sacrificed humans to them. Before they sacrificed humans, they sacrificed certain animals. These sacrifices were not made by the divine.

55. Cups of glass come forth through the fire with the pottery. But if they break, the cups of glass can be recast again through blowing. As for pottery, if they break they are ruined, because they were made without blowing.

56. A donkey that turns a stone mill will bear 100 miles of walking. When it is released, it finds itself standing in the same place. Among humanity there are many journeys ahead to make progress towards. When evening arrived, they did not see a town or village – nor creation or nature – nor power or angel. The wicked will toil in vain.

57. The offering is Jesus. In Aramaic they called him angel – for this is one who has reached out. For Jesus came to crucify the material world.

58. The Master went into the workplace of Levi. He took 72 complexions and threw them into the vat. He brought all of them up pure white and he said, “This is the way He comes for you – via the Servant of Humanity He acts as a colorist.”

59. Sophia is considered pure: She is the Mother of the Angels. The companion of the Anointed of God [Messiah, Christ] is Mary the Magdalene. The Master loved Mary more than all the disciples and he kissed her on the mouth many times. The other women saw his love for Mary and asked him, “Why do you love her more than all of us?” The Savior replied and said to them, “Why would I love you in the same way?”

60. In the dark, a blind person will differ from a person who sees. When the light comes, then one who sees can see the light, and one who is blind will remain in the darkness.

61. The Master says, “Blessed is the one who existed prior to his coming. He exists – for he was existing and will exist.

62. The eminence of devotion is not evident, yet it is concealed. Due to this, he is the master even of the stronger animals that are greater than him – according to what is evident and what is concealed. And this gives them their ongoing existence. But as humans are separated from them, they will kill each other, gnaw at each other and will consume each other because they are hungry. Now they find nourishment here because humankind does work the earth.

63. If one goes under the water and comes up without receiving anything and calls himself a follower of the Anointed of God [Messiah, Christ], he receives the Name as a loan. If he receives the Holy Spirit he has received the gift of the Name. For one who receives a gift – it is not taken from him. But for one who has received a loan – it will be demanded from him.

64. This is the way in which one can offer service: The service of marriage is exalted. For the material world is based upon it. The material world is composed of humanity, but the composition of humanity is marriage. The mind directed to mating without defilement has the great power. Its appearance consists of a defiling of the body.

65. There are unclean spirits among the hearts of some men and women. Men will work to mate with the souls of those who inhabit the form of a woman. But females will unite with those in the form of a man, though not equally. And no one is able to escape from these if they do not accept that the power of man and woman is based upon the Beloved and the Devoted – which one receives from the reflection of the Altar Prothesis. When the unwise woman sees a man seated alone, she goes to him and carouses with him and defiles him. This is the same with some unwise men – if they see a beautiful woman seated alone, they will seduce her and try to coerce her – as they desire to defile her. Should they see the man seated with the woman together, the woman is not able to approach the man, nor can the man approach the woman. This is the same situation when the Appearance and the angel are together – no one will dare to approach the male or female. One who rises above the material world will not be seized any longer simply because he was in the material world. He is revealed as being superior to the fears and desires of the flesh. He has become the master of his desires – and he is more precious than the envious. If the people approach and they seize him and strangle him, how will this one be kept from God’s salvation? How could he fear them?

66. Often some will come and say, ‘We have faith, keep us from the unclean and demoniac spirits!’ But if they were possessing the Holy Spirit, no unclean spirit could possibly grab hold of them.

67. Do not become afraid of the mind of the flesh – nor love it. If you become afraid of the mind, it shall become your master. If you love it, it will devour you and strangle you.

68. One either exists in the material world or in the resurrection or in the middle places. Hopefully they won’t find me in them. This world has goodness of heart and wickedness. Those that are good are not, and those that are wicked are not. Wickedness is from this material world. Those who are truly wicked – that is where wickedness truly is. That which is called the transition – this is death. While we are in this world, we should be reborn in the resurrection. Thus we will be stripped of the flesh and we will find ourselves in peace, and not journeying to the middle. Many will stray along the way. Thus it is better to depart from the material world before transgression during humankind.

69. There are certainly some who do not hanker, nor have the capacity to. Some others are still hankering yet receive no benefit, for they don’t exercise them. Because desire makes them transgressors. For those with no desires – devotion will protect them from both the hankering and the lack of execution.

70. A messenger saw in a vision that some were trapped in a house on fire, crying out in fiery voices that they are trapped in a lifetime of fire. There is water, and they are saying to themselves, ‘The waters cannot save us from death!’ Misled by their desire, they receive death as a consequence – this is what is called the outermost darkness.

71. The opposer comes from fiery water. The soul with the Spirit came forth from fiery water illuminated from the devoted servant of the Altar. The fire is the anointing – the light is the fire. I speak not of this fire that has no form, but rather the other one, which has a white form made of light. It is beautiful and it produces beauty.

72. The Truth does not descend to the material world raw, but through representative Appearances. It cannot be received through another means. A rebirth takes place with the Appearance of rebirth. It is truly possible not to be reborn through the Appearance. What is the resurrection and the Appearance? It is best to be resurrected through the Appearance. The Altar with the Appearance? It is best to be led to the Truth through the Appearance – which is the perfection. It is best that one be born in the Name of the Creator, the Devoted Servant and the Holy Spirit – but also they are born from within themselves. If one is not born from Him they shall have the Name taken from them. Yet one who receives those who are anointed with the complete authority of the sacrifice [missing text] were the Messengers calling the right with the left. This one is no longer a follower of the Anointed of God [Messiah, Christ] – but rather, is the Anointed of God [Messiah, Christ].

73. The Master did everything within an offering – the baptism for the follower with the sacrament and a confession with the Holy Altar.

74. He said, “I came to enable those on the inside like those on the outside and those on the outside like those on the inside.” He spoke of everyone of them about the place that is above – by representing those Appearances. Those who say that ‘I am a follower of the Anointed of God [Messiah, Christ]’ come from the place above all the confusion. He who is manifested from that place above – for which they call him having been from the place below. And the One who is hidden from him is from above. It is good they speak of the place within and the outside, and the place which is on the outside of the outside. Due to this, the Lord called for the destruction of the darkness of outside. No other person remains outside. He says, “My Creator is hidden. Go into your private room and shut the door and pray to your Creator who is hidden – He who is within everyone. He who is in the place within, but gives everyone satisfaction: Not beyond him but in His place within. This is what they mean by: ‘He who is in the place above them.’

75. Before the Anointed of God [Messiah, Christ] some came forth. From where they came, they could no longer go within, and no longer were they able to come forth. But the Anointed of God [Messiah, Christ] came. Those who went within he brought them out, and those who did go out he brought them in.

76. During the time that Eve was within Adam, no death existed. When she became separate from him, death came about. If she again goes within and he receives her, death shall no longer occur.

77. ‘My God – my God – why oh LORD did you leave me alone’ – why did he say this on the stake? He separated the place below from the place above – which was born of the Holy Spirit coming from God.

78. The Master rose from the dead body. He became like himself, but his body became entirely perfect. He has a body but this body is indeed the true body. Our body is not true, but is rather a reflection of the true body.

79. Let the Altar Prothesis be not for the beasts nor the enslaved nor impure women. But rather, for liberated men and pure women.

80. From the Holy Spirit we are reborn, giving birth through the Anointed of God [Messiah, Christ]. In both we are anointed through the Spirit – and having been born, we become united.

81. No one will be able to see oneself on the water or in the mirror without light. Nor shall one be able to see light without water or a mirror. Therefore it is best to be baptized in both the light and the water: The light is the anointing.

82. There were three chambers used for making offerings in Jerusalem: The one which faces the West – called Holy; the other one that faces the South – called the Holy of Holies; and the third that faces the East – called the Holy of the Holiness, where the High Priest enters alone. The baptism is the Holy chamber – the purification of the Holy Saints, and that which is holiest is the Altar. The baptism leads to the resurrection – the purification entering into the Altar. The Altar is the most exalted of them. You will find nothing that compares to it.

83. Those who are saints are those who always pray for Jerusalem and they love Jerusalem. They are already in Jerusalem – they see Jerusalem now. These are referred to as the saints of those who are holy.

84. The curtain was torn so that it reveals the Altar – which is the reflection of the place above. Its curtain was torn from the top to the bottom so that they could go in an upwards direction.

85. Those who are clothed in the perfect light are not restricted by the powers. But one should be clothed by the light by the offering of devotion.

86. The female was not separated from the male. She would die by not being with the male. Their separation became the beginning of death. Through this the Anointed of God [Messiah, Christ] appeared so that he could rectify that separation that began – by bringing the two together. And those who died from the separation – he will give them life by bringing them together. The female still comes together at the Altar. Those who came together at the Altar will no longer be separated. Eve became separate from Adam because she did not come together with him at the Altar.

87. The soul of Adam did come forth by means of the Spirit. Her partner is the Anointed of God [Messiah, Christ]. The Spirit gave to him his mother, and within his soul they gave him her place. Because he had not been united by means of the Teachings, those who are exalted among the powers did tempt him. Still those who partner with the Holy Spirit in secret – they are called alone to the Altar so they shall become united.

88. By the Jordan, Jesus revealed the complete Sovereignty of the spiritual realm, which existed before everything. Furthermore, they created him as the Representative, alas they anointed him, and purified him – and he was pure.

89. As it is necessary to speak of the secret of devotion: The Creator of everything joined the pure who entered the lower region. And the effulgence illuminated him that day. Thus He revealed the power of the Altar. Because of this, his body appeared on that day. He appeared from the Altar just as one comes from the Beloved with His Lover. This is the way that Jesus established everything that came from his heart. For this reason, it is important for each of the disciples to enter into his peace.

90. Adam came into existence from two purities – from the Spirit and the pure world. Due to this, the Anointed of God [Messiah, Christ] was born from the pure, so that the error that occurred in the beginning could be corrected by him.

91. There are two trees in the spiritual realm – one produces beasts and the other produces devotion. Adam consumed from the tree that produces beasts. He became animalistic and gave birth to beasts. Due to this, they were worshiped. Adam didn’t [missing text] the tree [missing text] fruit is [missing text] this, they multiplied [missing text] did not eat. [missing text] no fruit. Devotion produced the devoted and they worshiped in devotion. [missing text]

92. The Supreme Being created the devoted and the devoted created the gods. This is the way of the material world: The devoted create gods and they worship their creations. It would be better if the gods worshiped the devoted.

93. In the manner of the truth of the works of the devoted: They exist due to His power. Because of this, they are called the faculty. His works are His Devoted Servants who arise from tranquility. Due to this, His power works to govern within His deeds, the tranquility is but manifested from the Devoted Servants. And you will find that this permeates the representation. And this is the Reflected Personality – doing His work with His power, yet with the tranquility born with His Devoted Servants.

94. In this world, the servants are made to work for the free. In the sanctuary of the spiritual realm, the liberated serve the servants: The Devoted Servants of the Altar will serve the Devoted Servants of the union. The Devoted Servants of the Altar have one Name among them – the tranquility occurs among them and they have no other needs. [missing text]

95. Meditation upon the Appearances is the blissful awareness of glory. Truly the Eternal dwells within those at the Holy Altar – who receive the glorification of those who are perfect.

96. One who goes down to the waters doesn’t go down to death [missing text] He will purify him [missing text] after he came forth for those who they called to be perfected from His Name. For He says: “This is the way we shall perfect the devotion of everyone.”

97. Those who say they will die first and then they will arise are confused. If they do not first receive the resurrection when they are alive, they will die if they don’t receive anything. This is the same way it is said of the baptism: The baptism is glorified because they who receive it will live.

98. Philip the messenger says, “Joseph the carpenter planted an orchard because he needed some wood for his craft. He made the stake from the trees that he planted, and the seed hanging from the plant was his seed – being Jesus. The plant is the stake, but the tree of life is in the middle of the spiritual realm. And the Anointed of God [Messiah, Christ] came forth from the heart of the olive tree, through Him according to the resurrection.”

99. This material world devours the dead – and every one else that eats them. Moreover, they die from within their self – the true consumer of life. Due to this, no one among those who are nourished in the Truth will die. Jesus came from this place and he brought food from there. And those who wanted it, he gave them their lives, so that they will not perish.

100. The Supreme Being created a paradise. The devoted lived in the paradise, having [missing text] being not in [missing text] not in [missing text] of the Supreme Being in [missing text] those whose hearts and minds have desire. This garden is the place where they will say to me, “Eat this or don’t eat that – according to your desire.” This is the place that I will eat differently, as there will be the tree of knowledge – that which caused the demise of Adam. But this place of the tree of knowledge did give life to humanity. The Scripture was the tree. It has power within it and it gives the knowledge of that which is good and that which is wicked. Neither does it cure one from that which is wicked, nor preserve one in that which is good. Rather, it causes those who eat from the heart of it to perish. For the origin of death came from the statement, “Eat this – do not eat that!”

101. The Anointing by God is superior to baptism. Because from the Anointing by God they call us Anointed of God [Messiah, Christ] – not because of the baptism. And they call the Anointed of God [Messiah, Christ] because of God’s Anointing. For the Creator anointed the Devoted Servant and the Devoted Servant anointed the Messengers, but the Messengers have anointed us. He who has been anointed has everything: The resurrection, the light, the stake, the Holy Spirit. The Creator gave him this – he received it in the Altar.

102. The Creator was with the Devoted Servant and the Devoted Servant with the Creator. This is the sanctuary of the spiritual realm.

103. The Lord said it magnificently: Those who attain the sanctuary of the spiritual realm are blissful. They came from the material world and rejoiced. One because an Anointed by God [Messiah, Christ] [missing text] and at that moment [missing text] went down to the water and came forth – he became master over all of it because he did not consider it a game, rather he despised this changing material world as compared to the sanctuary of the spiritual realm. Since he despised the material world and scorned it as a game, he appears blissfully.

104. This is also the same as the bread and the cup with the Anointing of God: There is another One who is exalted over these.

105. The material world exists for those who transgress and fall from the eternal and imperishable world after the creation of desires. One falls away because he does not achieve his potential. It doesn’t exist for the things that perish – but rather, for the followers. And no one will be able to receive immortality if he doesn’t become a follower. But one who isn’t able to receive shall be unable to give.

106. The offering cup contains juice and water. It is prescribed as the symbol of the essence of the act of offering. And it is filled from the Holy Spirit and belongs to the completely Perfect Person. When we drink this, we will receive the Perfect Person.

107. The living water is a body. It is necessary that the living person be clothed. Because of this, he rises and goes down to the water and strips himself naked so that he can be clothed by that.

108. A horse will give birth to a horse, a human gives birth to a human and a god gives birth to a god. This is the same with one of the devoted – as the devoted come to be from the Altar as a result of the Devoted Servants. The Hebrew did not become [missing text] from among the Hellenes [missing text] become, and the Anointed did not become from among the Hebrews. [missing text] the Anointed of God [Messiah, Christ]. Did you [missing text] And they called the devoted lineage chosen by the Holy Spirit and the Supreme Person and the Servant of Humanity and the offspring of the Servant of Humanity. This lineage is considered pure in the material world. This is where those who are devoted to the Altar are.

109. Mating in the material world – where weakness is powerful – occurs between male and female. In the spiritual realm, something else occurs, which is like mating, yet we refer to it with these names. These others are exalted beyond name and all that name them – they are transcendentally exalted. The force is in that place, and those who transcend strength among those are there.

110. One is not and another one is – but there is unity between them. This is not the One who arises within the heart of those of the flesh.

111. Is it not appropriate for those who are fulfilled to know themselves? Those who don’t know themselves cannot be satisfied with what they have. But those who know themselves shall be satisfied.

112. Not only will they not be able to seize the perfected person – but they won’t be able to see him. If they see him, they will seize him. no one will be able to be born from Him unless He has clothed him in the Perfect Light and he exists within the Perfect Light. In this way he is clothed, he will leave the material world. This is the perfected servant of the Altar.

113. Unless we become perfected persons, we will not leave the material world. One who receives everything without mastering them will not become a master of them but rather he shall go to the transformation as imperfect. Only Jesus knows the destiny of this one.

114. The holy person is holy through to his body. If he offers the bread, he makes it holy – or the cup or whatever is left after he offers them will be purified. And how could he not also purify the body?

115. In the same way that Jesus perfectly poured the water of the baptism, does he pour forth death. Due to this, we will indeed go down into the water, but we won’t go down to death, as our spirit is poured off from the material world. Whenever this blows, it is winter. But when the Holy Spirit blows, it is summer.

116. One who comes to know the Truth is liberated. Yet the liberated does not transgress – one who transgresses is the servant of transgression. The Mother is the Truth – the knowledge of the bond. Those to whom it is given are not transgressors – the material world refers to them as liberated. They are not transgressors: The knowledge of Truth exalts the heart and mind – which makes one free and causes him to be exalted over all things. Yet it is the love that elevates us. Still, one who is freed by the knowledge becomes servant because of the love for those who are not able to achieve the liberation of the knowledge. Yet the knowledge gives them competency, which gives them freedom.

117. Love doesn’t require anything. For how can it require anything, considering that everything belongs to it? It doesn’t say, ‘This belongs to me’ or ‘That belongs to me.’ Rather, it says, ‘This is yours.’

118. Spiritual love is truly a flower with fragrance. Those who relish it are those who shall be anointed with it. They are fulfilled just as those who stand at their side while they themselves maintain the anointed. Those who are anointed by the Anointed of God [Messiah, Christ]: If they stop preaching the Gospel and leave, they are not anointed. They only stand by themselves. They remain in their stench. Did the Samaritan not give anything to one who is hurt? Didn’t he give vinegar with ointment – something to heal the wounds – the love that absolves a multitude of transgressions?

119. One whom the woman loves shall be reflected in those whom she gives birth to. If it is her husband, they will resemble her husband. If it is an adulterer, they will resemble the adulterer. Oftentimes, if the woman is compelled to lay with her husband but her heart lies with the adulterer and she prefers to mate with him, those she gives birth to will resemble the adulterer. But those of you who are with the Devoted Servant of God, don’t love the material world, but rather, love the LORD, so that those who shall be born from them won’t resemble the material world, but rather they shall come to resemble the LORD.

120. A human unites with a human, the horse unites with the horse, the donkey unites with the donkey. The species naturally unite with their own species. This is the same with the Spirit – who unites with spirit – and the Teachings merge with the Teachings, and the Effulgence merges with the Effulgence. If you are devoted, the devoted will love you; if you are inclined to become spiritual, then you will become united with the Spirit. If you are inclined to have meaning, then the Teachings will become united with you. If you are inclined to become enlightened, then the Effulgence will become united with you. If you are inclined to transcend, then the Transcendental will give you peace. But if you are inclined to become like a horse or donkey or calf or dog or sheep or any other animal that is inferior, then neither humanity nor the Spirit nor the Teachings nor the Effulgence nor those from above nor those from within will be able to give you their peace. Your heart will not share their heart.

121. One who becomes a servant involuntarily will be able to be freed. One who is freed by the mercy of his master and sells himself back into servitude will no longer be able to be freed.

122. Cultivation within the material world takes place in four ways: They are gathered into the barn, through water with soil, with wind and light. And cultivation by the Supreme Being is similarly through four: Through determination with motivation, with compassion, and with introduction. Our soil is the determination. This takes its root into our heart. The water is the motivation – through it we are nourished. The wind is the compassion – through it we grow. And the light is the introduction – for through it we become ripened.

123. Mercy allows the humble soul – the earthly person – to be independent from the heavens above. Those who receive Him are blessed: Through His Teachings, this One truly lifts up their souls.

124. This is Jesus the Anointed of God [Messiah, Christ] – he tricked everyone and didn’t burden anyone. Because of this, blessed is this one because the Perfect Person is the Teachings.

125. Ask us about Him – as it is difficult to properly support Him. How are we able to achieve this great task?

126. How does one give peace to everyone? Above all, it is important not to aggrieve anyone – whether great or humble – whether unbeliever or believer. Then, to give peace to those who rest themselves in goodness. Some feel privileged to give peace to those who are complete. One who does good does not have the ability to give peace to others – for he doesn’t appear by his own volition. Yet he also has no ability to aggrieve as he does not do anything to oppress others. But one who becomes complete will sometimes aggrieve them: He is not like them, but rather, their wickedness causes their grief. One naturally gives joy to one who is good. Yet still some will badly grieve.

127. The owner of the house has acquired everything – whether son or servant or cattle or dog or swine – whether wheat or barley or straw or hay or bones or meat and acorns. Yet one who is wise understands the nutritional needs of each one. Indeed, he sets bread before the children – with olive oil and meat. He sets castor oil with grain before the servants. And he sets barley before the cattle – with stray and hay. He throws bones before the dogs. Yet he throws acorns before the swine with bread fodder. This is the same for the disciple of God: If one is a wise person, he understands the discipleship. The bodily forms will not deceive him. Rather, he will above all observe the condition of the soul of each person, and speak with him appropriately. There are many animals in the material world that come in the form of humans – these will he recognize. He will throw acorns to the swine. Yet to the cattle he will throw barley with straw and hay. He will throw bones to the dogs and to the servan¬ts he will give the basics. To the children he will give them perfection.

128. There is the Servant of Humanity and there is the servant of the Servant of Humanity. The Master is the Servant of Humanity. And the servant of the Servant of Humanity is one who is created through the Servant of Humanity. The Servant of Humanity receives from God the ability to create – only God has the ability to beget.

129. One who is created is a creature, and one who is born is progeny. A creature cannot beget but a progeny can create. Still they say the creature begets. However, that progeny is a creature. Thus, the progeny are not his children, but rather they are from God.

130. One who creates manifests the work outwardly, and he is also manifested outwardly. One who begets acts confidentially private and he hides himself from the view of others. Indeed, the Creator visibly creates, yet begets the children confidentially.

131. No one knows when a man and woman will join together, even themselves. For marriage is the sacrament of the material world for those who are receiving a wife. If the unclean marriage is hidden, how much greater will the true sacrament of the pure marriage be? It is not of the flesh. Rather, it is pure. It does not pertain to lust, but rather, to mercy. It pertains not to darkness or the night: But rather, it pertains to the daylight. A marriage of nakedness becomes adultery – not only if the bride receives the sperm of another man, but even if she escapes from her bedroom and they see her – she commits adultery. She should only be seen by her father, her mother, the friend of the bridegroom with the sons of the bridegroom. This is permitted to those who go each day into the Altar. As for the rest, let them yearn just to hear her voice – and they can relish the fragrance and let them feed off the crumbs that fall off of the table just as they would for the dogs. Being with the bridegroom and the bride belongs in the Altar. No one will be able to see the bridegroom with the bride if he doesn’t do this.

132. When Abraham had rejoiced at what he was to see, he circumcised the flesh of the foreskin to illustrate to us that it is necessary to renounce the flesh that pertains to the material world.

133. As long as the intestines of a person are within, the person will live. If his intestines become exposed outside of him, the body will die. This is the same with a tree: While its roots are underground, it sprouts and thrives. If its roots are exposed outward the tree withers. It is the same regarding one born within the material world – not only does this concern those who appear but also those who are unseen. For as long as the root of evil is hidden, it is strong. But if it is recognized, it can be destroyed and dies when it is exposed. Because of this, the Teachings say that the axe is already placed at the root of the trees. It won’t cut it out, because that which is cut will naturally sprout again. Rather, the ax delves into the ground and uproots. While Jesus pulls up the root of the entire place, others did partly. As for ourselves, let us delve into the root of evil that is within and tear out its root from the heart. It still will be torn out if we recognize it. Yet if we are caused not to recognize it will take root down into our hearts and produce forth its fruits in our minds. It will become our master and we will be made its servants. It captures us and coerces us to do things we don’t want to do, and not what we want. It is potent until we recognize it. While it is hidden, indeed it impels us.

134. Ignorance is the mother of all evil and ignorance depends upon confusion. Those who originate from ignorance are not, nor will they be or will be among, the perfect ones. Yet they will become perfected when the Truth becomes revealed. For the Truth is similar to ignorance if it is hidden. Indeed, it will bring tranquility within the heart if it is revealed should it be recognized. They glorify it because it is powerful against ignorance, and against the confusion about freedom. Through the Teachings it is said, “Know the Truth – the Truth shall make you free!” Ignorance creates slavery – but knowledge is freedom. If we know the Truth, we will find the fruits of Truth within our hearts. If we become united with it, we will become fulfilled.

135. At the present we have those who have made their appearances. They say that they are honorable and powerful, yet those who are unseen are weak – and should be avoided. Actually, the truth is, those who have appeared are weak and inferior, and those who are unseen are powerful and honorable.

136. Yet they are revealed from the sacraments of the Truth – making up the representative Appearances. Still, the devotional chamber is hidden within those Holy Saints.

137. Indeed, the curtain initially covered how the Supreme Being governs His creation. Now it is torn and through the curtain the inside is revealed. Still they abandoned this house behind them as they deserted – they were even going to destroy it. Yet the vast Divinity departed those places – not within the Holy of Saints, because it didn’t unite with the Effulgence nor unite with fulfillment. Rather, it was under the wings of the stake and in its arms.

138. This ark will be our salvation when the cataclysm of water has washed over them.

139. If some are made to be in the tribe of the priesthood, they will be permitted to be able to go to the other side of the curtain with the high priest. Because of this, the curtain didn’t tear on the top, otherwise it would open only to those on high. Nor did it tear on the bottom, or else it would become revealed only to those from below. Rather, it tore from the top to the bottom. Those from above opened to us from below so that we could enter into the confidential Truth.

140. Truly that which is excellent is that which is made strong. Yet we shall go in there through some symbols that are riddled with flaws. Indeed, they are humble in the presence of the perfect glory ahead. This glory surpasses glory – this power surpasses power. Because of this, the perfect ones open up to us the confidential Truth. And those Holy Saints are revealed, and the Holy chamber invites us inside.

141. Indeed, as long as the evil is hidden, it has potency. Yet should it not be removed from within the seed of the Holy Sprit, one is enslaved by oppression. Still whenever it manifests itself, the perfect effulgence will pour out upon everyone whose heart accepts the Anointing of God. Then the slaves will be set free and the prisoners will be atoned.

142. Every plant that my LORD from the spiritual realm has planted, they will uproot. Those who are separated will be united, and those who are empty will become fulfilled. Everyone who goes into the chamber will be reborn from the Effulgence. They are not born the same way of the marriages we see, nor do they occur in the night – the fire it flares out in the night is extinguished. Rather, the sacraments of this marriage are consummated in the daylight. Neither that day nor its light ever sets.

143. If one becomes a child of the Altar, he will receive the Light. If one doesn’t receive it in these places he won’t be able to receive in another place. One who receives the light becomes unseen – nor will they be able to detain him. And no one will be able to disturb someone like this, even if he associates within the material world. And also, if he goes out of the material world, he has already received the Truth by means of the Appearances. The material world thus becomes eternal, for his fulfillment is eternal. And in this way it is revealed to one individually – it is not hidden in the darkness of the night, but rather it is hidden in the perfect Holy light of day.

The Gospel according to Philip.

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